Victoria Schultz ’14 – International Management

As a freshman, Vicky didn’t have a specific career in mind. However, her high school lessons in Business Management, team work and culture inspired her to pursue a Business degree. Having been born in Germany and raised in various countries such as England and Luxembourg, Vicky has always been interested in the differences between cultures. She believes that “in order to be successful, you must look at the broader picture and not confine yourself to just one business culture.” Her ethnic background and cultural experiences led her to declare an International Management major.

From the Classroom to the Job
Between her marketing internship at E2open in Foster City and her job as a Web Marketing Assistant in Menlo College, Vicky acknowledges that she applies lessons from the classes she took to excel in her work. She explains how her International Management class, for example, taught her to keep an open mind to different cultures and that there is truth behind racial stereotypes.

She describes a situation in her internship when she had to work with an Italian gentleman. Italians are known for taking their time with projects, so Vicky had to adapt to the way her co-worker operates. She says that it is very important to have an overall understanding and acceptance of different cultures, especially in today’s global workplace.

Small School, Big Opportunities

The reason Vicky chose Menlo College was because of its small size. She feels that she would be lost in a large university and would rather study in a “community” environment. She loves that professors know her by name and are always willing to help. The small school atmosphere has given her the confidence she needs to be successful in the workplace.

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