Jessie Mumford ’14 – Discovering Leadership

When Jessie first arrived on campus from Los Angeles, she wasn’t convinced she had made the right decision. But a conversation she had on the first day of Orientation with Menlo’s College President, Jim Kelly, changed her mind. “I remember he encouraged me to not only stay but to get involved by running for Freshman Class President,” Jessie said. I took his advice and won the election. “I am now confident that I made the right decision to attend Menlo,” Jessie reports.

Leadership On-Campus
After serving her term as Freshman Class President, Jessie took advantage of other leadership opportunities, including serving as the External Relations Coordinator for the Menlo College Student Government Association (MCSGA), member of the Allocation Board and Student Ambassador. She was also a member of our first Competitive Cheer Squad bringing spirit to our athletic games.

From the Classroom to the Job

Jessie is a Business Management Major with the Human Resource option. This has allowed her to combine her two interests of business and psychology. She recently started a human resources internship with Pendleton, a fashion retailer. The manager has taken her under his wing and she is having the opportunity to learn what goes on behind the scenes, train new employees and travel to other stores. Jessie reports, “I’m very excited by this opportunity and look forward to learning more about human resources.”  Jessie used her connections at Pendleton to bring work appropriate fashions to our annual Leadership Day fashion show.

Small School, Big Opportunities

“What I like best about Menlo is the access to professors and professional staff. If I have a question or need help, it’s easy for me to make to get an answer quickly,” said Jessie. “You don’t necessarily get that on a larger campus.”

For more information about internships go to Career Services