Emily Estes ’12 – Woman in Finance

Emily grew up on her family’s farm in Northern California. A valedictorian at her high school, Emily was one of Menlo’s first students to be awarded a full valedictorian scholarship in 2008. She originally came to Menlo to play softball but preferred to focus on academics.

Leadership and Menlo Involvement

Emily managed the Student Union in her junior and senior year where she helped triple the programming with her crew of six students, creating a space on campus where everyone felt welcomed. She also helped her fellow students by tutoring them through the Academic Success Center. She was one of the few women members in the Finance Club and held the position of Treasurer in 2012.

From the Classroom to Internship to the Job

Emily relished her time in the classroom and excelled in her finance classes. Her hard work gave her a spot on the Dean’s list every semester of the four years she was at Menlo College. When it came time to complete an internship, she successfully secured a coveted internship at Fisher Investments, a wealth management company. At the completion of her internship, she was offered a job following graduation as a Junior Associate and is happily working there today.

Small School, Big Opportunities

Emily was awarded the Board of Trustees Award at graduation. This award is given to the graduating senior who truly embodies the mission of the College through demonstration of outstanding scholarship, leadership, and service. This is the highest honor that a student can receive at Menlo College.

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