Finance Faculty

“One of the best things about teaching at Menlo College is that it allows me to customize my teaching according to students’ needs. In my Investments class, for example, if students would like to know more about options, I would spend more time to do so. If students would like to know more about model intuition or applications, I would happily oblige. I believe that teaching finance should be not only about what’s in the textbooks I choose, but the homework I assign or the tests I write.” Ran Lu-Andrews, Assistant Professor Finance

Soumendra DeMeet Our Faculty

Soumendra De, Ph.D.

Professor of Finance
After graduating from the Indian institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Management in India, Dr. De received his doctorate in finance from the Southern Illinois University.  He has taught finance since 1979 at Northwestern University, Loyola University, Baruch College, Southern Illinois University, University of Evansville and Menlo College.

Jan Jindra Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Finance

Dima LeshchinskiiDima Leshchinskii, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Finance
After receiving his degree in applied mathematics, Dr. Leshchinskii worked at various academic research institutions, starting from physics and later using similar concepts in finance. In addition to teaching at various business schools in Europe and U.S., he spent several years as a professional consultant, applying his valuation expertise to court litigation cases and investment portfolio planning.

Donna LittleDonna Little, M.B.A

Associate Professor of Accounting/Finance
Donna L. Little is Associate Professor of Accounting and Finance at Menlo College, where she has served since 1986. She is also the founding Director of the Menlo College Center for Financial Literacy. Established in 2008, the center brings educational opportunities in personal finance to students in the College and the community, particularly for underserved and first-generation college students.

Ran Lu-AndrewsRan Lu-Andrews, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Finance
Ran Lu-Andrews joined Menlo College in fall 2012. She earned her Ph.D. in Finance from University of Cincinnati in 2011 and graduated from Renmin University of China with a bachelor degree in financial engineering in 2006. Before joining Menlo College, she taught at University of Cincinnati, University of the Pacific and UC-Merced. Her courses include Investments, Real Estate Finance, Financial Management, Corporate Finance and etc. Her research interests are Investments, Real Estate and Macroeconomic risks in financial markets. She is an active researcher. She has presented her working papers at academic conferences, such as Financial Management Association, American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association, Southwestern Finance Association. Her research paper, “An Examination of Macroeconomic Effects on the Liquidity of REITs,” is forthcoming with Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics.