Marketing Philosophy

“The focus truly is on you, the student. In our marketing classes, faculty utilize the competitive advantage of our small size to bring you an academic experience that weaves together cutting-edge curriculum and academic expertise with personalized attention. Menlo is small enough that office hours are as likely to happen spontaneously over lunch or a cup of coffee as in a scheduled time slot. Come for the small community; stay for the degree in Marketing.” — Deborah Brown McCabe, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing

Marketers broadly help the organization focus on the 4 P's — Product, Price, Place and Promotion. They help identify and design needed products and services, determine appropriate pricing strategies, figure out how to deliver those products or services though appropriate distribution channels including the internet, and determine how to make customers aware of those products and services, and interested in them. Career possibilities include sales, product development, product management, advertising, and marketing research among others. Individuals with a strong marketing background are well equipped to become entrepreneurs developing their own businesses.