Anthony Bernard ’13- Stepping Up

Entering Menlo College, Anthony was unsure about where his career would take him, but he did know he wanted a business career. After taking the Introduction to Accounting class with Professor Little, Anthony decided to major in Accounting. Prof. Little had widened his knowledge of the different opportunities an accounting career offers.

Leadership on Campus
Over the past four years, Anthony has been a leader and participant in many clubs and organizations, on and off campus.  He has been president of the Ski and Snowboard Club, Beta Alpha Psi, and the Accounting Club.  Continuing his service to the Menlo College community, Anthony has also been an Orientation Leader for the Incoming Freshman class, and he received a scholarship to attend the LeaderShape Institute his Sophomore year.  Anthony believes that each club and organization in which he has taken part has taught him how to better communicate with others on a professional level. He has also realized the importance of his resources at Menlo.

From the Classroom to the Job

Anthony’s close connections to his professors allowed him to learn the essential skills needed to compete on a Big 4 and regional level.  As a hopeful Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Anthony received the CalCPA Award at a local chapter event and networked with professionals in the field which ultimately lead to attaining an internship at Ernst and Young.  After completing his internship this past summer, Anthony now has a secured full time position at Ernst and Young upon graduating Menlo College.

Small School, Big Opportunities

“Menlo's preparation for an accounting major is exceptional. Each and every professor has had real life experience as an industry professional and they successfully bring that into their teaching. I feel the greatest asset I was provided by my professors was their professional network in accounting. They are willing to make introductions between individuals and students for insight and possible employment opportunities. As a senior accounting major at Menlo College, I now have secured a full-time position at Ernst and Young a year ahead of my graduation because of my internship and the relationships I have built with my professors and my growing network.”

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