Amy Castillo ‘07

Castillo is a special education teacher at Central Valley High in Ceres, California, and an assistant volleyball coach at Delta College.

I love sharing my experience and stories with those who will listen…

Hosted by Menlo’s Women’s Club Presents Series, Alumnus Amy Castillo returned to campus to inspire others. “It was such a great honor to tell my story to Menlo’s next group of women ready to take on the world,” sad Castillo. “The intent of my speech was to empower women to take their dreams and run with them. Our world is not perfect, and neither are we as humans. Through adversity, anything is possible if you believe in yourself and the power of your dreams. It truly does not matter where we come from, or what gender we are, our voices/actions CAN make a difference.”

“I have realized that I can only do my part, but if my part helps change the people in my life, then they will keep passing it forward to the people in theirs. As a teacher and coach, I want to give opportunity, hope, and be a mentor whom they can count on. I love sharing my experience and stories with those who will listen because I think it makes a strong impact to hear real life stories from women. I’m a fighter, I’m an optimist and I am excited to see women taking control in the decisions and differences they want to make.”