Parents Association

Welcome to the Menlo College Family

As a current parent, YOU are Menlo College’s partner, playing a key role in supporting your student during his /her time at the College. By attending Orientation, cheering them on at athletic events, listening to concerns, providing for your student’s basic needs, and assisting them in so many ways, you are the helping hands.  In many ways, you are the first to hear about favorite classes, close friends, new clubs, the introductory weekend retreat at Walker Creek Ranch, as part of the Freshman Experience, and other amazing, transformative experiences.  One important change comes with college life: your student is now considered an adult, and the College communicates directly with him or her about deadlines, payments, housing, and academic matters (see FERPA). However, Menlo still wants to include parents wherever possible.

You are encouraged to stay connected with Menlo. The more you know about Menlo College – its traditions, programs and services, the more comfortable you will be with your son or daughter’s day-to-day Menlo life, and we recommend that you stay informed about campus resources. We encourage you to fill out the Parent Contact Form so that we will have a good email address for you. You may also contact Tina Fairbairn, or call 650.543.3937. In doing so, you will receive special email communications throughout the year that share current news with you about Menlo.  Also, JOIN THE PARENTS ASSOCIATION to create a better social connection with other Menlo families.

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