Meet the Student Annual Fund Team

Last fall, our phonathon team raised over $17,000 for the Annual Fund through phone calls, emails and personal letters. Ninety-three percent of Menlo College students receive financial assistance. For these Oaks, scholarships have been the door to opportunity to gain the Menlo College Advantage. Each student brings a compelling story with a dream or a goal for the future – and this dream was ignited by a scholarship. Please take a moment to read and realize their deep appreciation for your gift to the Annual Fund. Scholarships can make dreams come true! You can provide the resources needed to allow talented, motivated students to choose Menlo College to launch their careers. 

Frank Ru ‘16Frank Ru ‘16

My name is Frank and I am a sophomore majoring in Business Management at Menlo College. I am an international student from Shanghai, China. I am vice president of the Asian Club I was able to attend Menlo because of a variety of scholarships afforded me. I would like to thank you for your support, because a gift helps students like me attend such an amazing school. It is people like you that have helped students like me gain an outstanding education and be part of an incredible school with unlimited opportunities.

Jordan Williams ‘17Jordan Williams ‘17

My name is Jordan Williams and I am a freshman at Menlo College. I was born in Mesa, Arizona and now live in Los Angeles. The scholarship I received from Menlo has been extremely helpful not only for me, but for my family. The education I receive here, along with my grade performance, is the best. So on behalf of myself and Menlo, I would like to thank you for your prior donations because it has helped with me receive a scholarship, and I would like to encourage you continue to donate to Annual Fund so that students like me can receive this incredible opportunity.

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