Satisfactory Academic Progress

In accordance with federal guidelines, satisfactory academic progress for financial aid purposes is maintained by completing a minimum of 67% of all attempted classes and by maintaining a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 at Menlo College. Please note that if a full-time student only completes 67% of his or her attempted classes, it will take 6 years to complete a bachelor’s degree, and there can be limitations on what, if any, financial aid funds an undergraduate student can continue to receive after 4 years of enrollment.

The Office of Financial Aid reviews the academic progress of financial aid recipients at the end of every semester. Students who fail to maintain satisfactory academic progress will be placed on financial aid probation for one semester.  Students can receive financial aid during the probationary semester.  At the end of the probationary semester, students who do not meet satisfactory academic progress will be ineligible for future financial aid until the minimum requirements are again met.  Students will be notified in writing if they are on financial aid probation and if they become ineligible for financial aid. 

There are a few circumstances in which students may have a case to appeal.  For more information, refer to the financial aid section of the Menlo College catalog or contact the Office of Financial Aid.