Menlo Academic Scholarships

Your eligibility for a Menlo Academic Scholarship is determined during the admission process. The amount of your scholarship is based on your recalculated academic GPA and your entering status at Menlo College, as shown below. Menlo Academic Scholarships are renewable for up to 4 years. In order to renew the scholarships, students must maintain a Menlo cumulative GPA of 2.00 at the end of the spring semester, earn a minimum of 24 units per year at Menlo College, and participate in community service activities.

Entering Domestic and International Freshmen

President’s Scholarship – $17,000

Dean’s Scholarship – $15,000

Leadership Scholarship – $13,000

Domestic and International Transfer Students

President’s Scholarship – $17,000

Dean’s Scholarship – $15,000

Leadership Scholarship – $13,000

Other Scholarships Available

Menlo College is pleased to offer a number of additional scholarships you can apply for during the admissions process. These scholarship applications must be submitted separately from the application for admission and will be reviewed by an admissions committee. Click on the links below to see the specific requirements.

Business Club Scholarship for freshmen – $2,500

Business Club Scholarship for transfers  – $2,500

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship for transfers – $2,500

Psychology Club Scholarship for freshmen – $2,500

Psychology Club Scholarship for transfers – $2,500

Student Government Scholarship for freshmen – $2,500

Transfer Club Scholarship for transfers – $2,500

Valedictorian Scholarship for freshmen – tuition and student fees covered