Articulation Agreements

Menlo College has developed articulation agreements with many California community colleges. Want to find out what credits you already have earned with Menlo? Email PDF copies of unofficial transcripts to and request a transfer assessment. Hear back from us within five business days!

Students do not need to complete all courses listed before transferring to Menlo College. However, the articulation agreements will help you to select courses that meet Menlo’s general education requirements. View our current agreements:

Current Agreement

Transfer Credit

Students may transfer a maximum of 70 lower division semester credits (105 quarter credits) and 24 upper division semester credits (36 quarter credits). However, students must complete a minimum of 30 units in their major at Menlo College and must be enrolled in the College during the last two semesters prior to graduation.

Credit from Non-Traditional Sources

Menlo College evaluates credit from several sources including Advanced Placement Exams, International Baccalaureate Exams (higher level only), CLEP, and military education and experience.