Academic Success Center

The primary mission of Menlo College’s Academic Success Center (ASC) is to assist students in achieving academic success. The ASC accomplishes its mission through a wide variety of services and programs and is available to all students who wish to improve their academic skills and ability to learn, thereby maximizing their academic experience and allowing them to achieve greater academic performance and personal fulfillment. In assisting and furthering students' intellectual skills and helping to facilitate the academic mission of the college, the ASC works closely and collaboratively with the faculty and the entire campus. The Academic Success Center provides a one-stop center for information and resources that are key to your academic and career success.

Academic Success Services

Additional Services for Students with Disabilities

  • Advising, Documentation Analysis, Faculty Liason for Students with Disability
  • Advocacy Across Campus for Students with Disability
  • Assistive Technology
  • Note Takers and Acquisition of Books on Tape for Qualified Students
  • Referrals to Resources for Disability Testing and Counseling
  • Testing Center for Documented Students with Disability
  • Tutor Lab
  • Writing Center


Reasons Why You Might Visit the Academic Success Center

  • You want to improve your grades and/or test performance
  • Obtain/Update your Degree Check Sheet(s)
  • You're attending class regularly but you feel like you're missing important  points
  • You're having trouble completing tests in the allotted time
  • You feel like you don't have enough time to get everything done
  • You're not sure how to take notes
  • You want to sign up for a tutor or study group
  • Who’s my academic advisor

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Success Center Staff

Rachel Tipton
Director of Academic Advising
Academic Advisor

Judy Wasmann
Tutor/Testing Coordinator
Academic Advisor

Success Center Fax

Location and Hours
The center is located in the center of campus between the Bookstore and the Library.
Monday–Friday, 9am– 6pm.

Drop-In and Appointments
Students may drop-in in to the Academic Success Center for assistance at any time during normal hours. However appointments are recommended, especially at the beginning of the semester and during registration.