Internship Placement Process

Internships must be secured and approved the semester prior to registering for an academic internship. Although the Internship Program will provide resources and guidance for seeking an internship, YOU are responsible for securing your internship. The internship search process is designed to prepare you for the job search process when you graduate. Below are the general steps involved in securing an internship:

  1. Attend a mandatory information meeting the semester prior to your planned internship
  2. Schedule an appointment to meet with the associate director or director of internships to discuss your internship plans
  3. Submit a resume for review and approval to the Internship Program Office
  4. Submit a cover letter for review to either the Internship Program Office or The Writing Center
  5. Schedule an appointment for a mock interview with the oral communications tutor in The Writing Center
  6. Contact organizations and apply for internship opportunities. Follow up with internship contacts on a regular basis
  7. Participate in interviews and send a thank you follow up note to interviewers within 24 hours
  8. Upon receiving an offer, submit the internship description and supervisor’s contact information to the Internship Program Office for approval
  9. Submit the Internship Registration and Internship Learning Agreement forms to the Internship Program Office by the appropriate deadlines