Intern Voices

Business majors are required to take an internship in the business sector while completing the academic elements of the curriculum. Menlo College is perfectly situated in the Silicon Valley to take advantage of such workplace experiences and are making connections with local companies in a variety of industries, including high tech firms and emerging Valley start-ups. We strongly recommend Psychology students to take advantage of internships as well, getting experience with local schools, non-profit organizations or human services agencies.


For all students, an internship is a very important first step towards their future career after graduation.

Accounting – Anthony Bernard ‘13

Anthony earned a full-time position with Ernst & Young following graduation as a result of his hard work during the internship he completed in the summer of his junior year.

Business Management — Katrina Smith '13

Katrina has taken full advantage of the leadership opportunities at Menlo—from starting a club to leading the Student Governement Association.

Entrepreneurship – Kyle Sundby ‘13

Taking marketing classes such as Consumer Behavior and Advertising has helped Kyle focus on a career in marketing and sales. Interning during spring semester at a technology start-up, Kyle is now applying what he learned in the classroom to the workplace.

Finance – Emily Estes ‘12

Hard work and interest in Finance, led Emily to an internship at Fisher Investments, a wealth management company. Emily loved the work she was doing and was pleased to be offered a full-time job at the completion of her internship.

Human Resources – Jessie Mumford ‘14

Jessie’s internship is allowing her to get first-hand experience behind the scenes of a company. Working closely with her manager, she has begun to learn how important training is for the success of a business. As she learns more about training and development she has begun to see the Human Resource specializations.

International Management – Victoria Schultz ‘14

An international background has helped Victoria be successful in her internship. Doing business with an Italian professional made her realize the importance of global and cultural sensitivity needed to be effective in today’s global market.

Marketing – Jordan Aina ‘13

Jordan is proof on how taking initiative and networking can build knowledge and confidence. After a chance encounter with the former President of Campbell Soup Company, Jordan parlayed that meeting into three informational interviews with local Marketing Executives and landed an internship at Oracle. 

Marketing Communications – Samantha Tongo ‘13

How do you combine your passions into one career? Samantha has found an internship at a local non-profit that allows her to combine her social media marketing skills with her love for film and youth.

Psychology – Ebony Issac ‘12

Ebony’s educational goals were to give back to a non-profit agency that helped her become successful in college. One of the ways she has done that is to internship with the organization. After a successful internship, Ebony has been asked to continue on as an employee where she is a wonderful role model for the young students.

Real Estate – Blair Ord ‘13

Blair is a finance major with an interest in real estate. By networking with Menlo College alumni, Blair found an internship with the prominent commercial real estate company, Marcus & Millichap. His internship allows him to use the financial analysis skills he learned in the classroom to the work he is doing in his internship.

Sports Management – Martin Saravia ‘09

Martin has a love for tennis, so when an internship came up to work for a professional tennis tournament, he went for it. Because the internship also required Martin to work throughout the week of the tournament, he knew he would need to miss some classes. Working closely with professors, he arranged to get both his course work done and fulfill his internship obligations.