About the Internship Seminar

The internship seminar meets weekly during the summer and bi-monthly during fall and spring semesters. The seminar will meet in the evenings to accommodate internship work schedules.

As part of the internship, you will create a Learning Plan that will help you gain knowledge and skills specific to your major, interests, and internship organization. As a participant in the internship seminar, you will gain knowledge and skills that are valuable to leaders in any organizational setting. At the end of the internship experience, interns will be able to:

  • Create goals that are specific and measurable in order to develop lifelong learning strategies
  • Analyze the fit between an organization and its structure, human resource strategies, resources, and culture (6-unit internship)
  • Analyze the external environment in which the organization operates and identify opportunities and challenges that might impact the organization (3-unit internship)
  • Present organizational issues in a succinct, clear, and persuasive way