Internship Program Overview​

"Interning at Deloitte & Touche in San Jose was a great experience because I received audit training, had daily client interactions, and performed audit assistant tasks.  With my new skill set, I accepted their full-time job offer starting September of 2014."— John Schott, Class of 2014

All business majors at Menlo College are required to complete a 6-unit internship during their senior year. Juniors and seniors also have the opportunity to complete an additional 3-unit elective internship at a different organization. Business students can complete internships in the following general areas: finance, accounting, marketing, human resource management, sports management, international management, entrepreneurship, real estate, and general management. Psychology majors are also strongly encouraged to complete a for-credit internship before they graduate. Below are the timelines and program requirements for required and elective internships. Specific internship dates each semester align with the internship seminar that all students must attend while completing their field experience.

Credit Options Time frame Hours on Site Academic Standing
3 units Spring 200 hours
(approximately 2 days/week over 14 weeks)
Junior or Senior
6 units Summer 400 hours
(40 hours/week for 10 weeks)
Rising Senior
6 units Fall and Spring 400 hours
(approximately 2 days/week over 8 months)

Upcoming Internship Dates

  • December 13: Deadline to submit Spring 2014 Internship Registration form
  • January 8: Deadline to submit Spring 2014 Internship Learning Agreement form
  • January 13 – May 1: Spring 2014 Internships
  • TBD: Resume and Cover Letter Workshop
  • April 4: Deadline to submit Summer 2014 Internship Registration form
  • April 18: Deadline to submit Fall 2014 Internship Registration form
  • May 29: Deadline to submit Summer Internship Learning Agreement form
  • May 29: Summer Internship Orientation
  • June 2 – August 8: Summer 2014 Internships
  • August 25 – December 5: Fall 2014 Internships
  • January 12 – May 1, 2015: Spring 2015 Internships