Marketing Degree Program
(BA Management Major)

Marketing Communications Degree Program

We all remember a TV commercial, a print advertisement, or a website that was so clever that it became permanently ingrained in our consciousness. The Marketing Communications program is a unique combination of management, marketing and communications courses that focus on the role of marketing communications within the larger business context. Considerable emphasis is placed on the creative aspects of marketing communications in courses, which include applied projects.

Marketing Communications students complete the core curriculum in business (39 units) that is taken by all business students.  The core curriculum insures that all business majors have a solid understanding of the totality of the business enterprise.  The Marketing Communications program then consists of upper division courses in integrated marketing communications, internet marketing, advertising, desktop publishing and web page design.  An internship and a senior thesis are the culmination of the program.  The program can be completed in four years of study.

In the Marketing Communications option students focus on the promotion aspect of marketing. Skills are developed to help make customers aware of and interested in products and services. Advertising is a major element of promotion, but not the only element. Specific learning outcomes are:


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