HR Degree Program
(BA Management Major)

Human Resources Management Degree Program

If you like working with people and have a penchant for detail, the Human Resource Management Degree Program may be right for you. HR managers are responsible for the hiring, training, development, and compensation of an organization’s employees. They are often involved in strategic planning since, in today’s knowledge based economy, people are typically an organization’s most valuable resource. Courses in the program include benefits and compensation, staffing, training, development, employment law and HRM strategy.

Human Resource Management students complete the core curriculum in business (39 units) that is taken by all business students.  The core curriculum insures that all business majors have a solid understanding of the totality of the business enterprise.  The Human Resource Management program then consists of upper division courses in human resource management, employment law, HRM strategy, benefits and compensation, staffing, testing, and training.   The Human Resource Management program includes a senior thesis and concludes with an internship.  The program can be completed in four years of study; see a sample curriculum.


Menlo College

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