Career Matters

Next Steps for Graduating Seniors…

DON’T HAVE A JOB YET?  Career Services is available for all alumni at no charge. We can help you with your resume, full-time job leads and graduate school information.

MENLO CAREERLINK?  If you haven’t registered for Menlo CareerLink, don’t forget to use this great online job search tool. The NACELink Extended Job Search function allows you to look for positions off campus and throughout the U.S. You’ll also want to update your profile once you graduate–change the info from Senior to Alumni.

INTERNSHIPS?  Internships may be available for recent graduates. If you’re interested, visit the Career Center or look for opportunities on Menlo CareerLink.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS  See the International Student Advisor about your Optional Practical Training (OPT) paperwork. Begin looking at graduate school programs following your OPT.

TRANSFERRING CREDITS  If you’re finishing up credits at another school, let your Academic Advisor know before you leave campus. They will confirm that the units are transferrable and will count towards your graduation.

DON’T MISREPRESENT YOURSELF!  If you are walking at Commencement with units still to complete over the summer, your graduation date on your resume should not state the month of May. Employers doing background checks will call the school to verify your date of graduation. If you’re finishing up classes over the summer your graduation date will be August (or whenever you do complete your work). Verify the exact degree title and major on your transcript or diploma as you update your resume.

POST GRADUATION SURVEY  Approximately 6-9 months after graduation, the Office of Academic Affairs will ask you to fill out an online survey. The survey allows us to know where you’re working, your starting salary, and if you are going to graduate school. Surveys are kept confidential and results are compiled without names.

JOIN LINKEDIN?  If you have not already registered on LinkedIn and joined the Menlo College Alumni Association, you will want to do so soon. It’s a great way to keep up with friends, establish professional networks, and look for resources and jobs.

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK  Be the first to hear about career events and opportunities by liking the Menlo College Career Services Facebook page.