FIRST…Add Internship Class

  1. Complete Internship Proposal & Registration Add Slip. Please schedule an appointment to pick up this form in Career Services.
  2. We will go over the process and the steps you will need to take in order to complete your internship for academic credit.
  3. If you have not already secured an internship, Career Services will help you with your resume and job search.
  4. Internships should be secured no later than the 2nd week of the semester and absolutely no later than the 4th week of the semester.
  5. The form will be need to be signed by the Prof. Dale Hockstra, Academic Dean (Business) or Prof. Mark Hager (Psychology) and be delivered to the Registrar.
  6. Once the form is received by the Registrar, you will be enrolled in the class and can check Moodle for further information and course assignments.

SECOND…Employer & Internship Agreement

  1. Take the Employer Internship Agreement to your Employer to have them sign the agreement. The Employer must also provide a job description.
  2. This should be completed by the 2nd week of the semester, but no later than the 4th week.

THIRD…Faculty & Academic Agreement

  1. Meet with faculty advisor (Dale Hockstra or Mark Hager) to review the Internship Agreement and Learning Contract along with the Job Description to determine your three learning objectives for the semester.
  2. This should be completed by the 2nd week of the semester, but no later than the 4th week.
  3. Receive a syllabus for the Internship course. Most of the assignments will be posted on Moodle.  (Psychology students may or may not be using Moodle.)
  4. Grading for the course is Credit/No Credit.


  1. Show up promptly for all work hours as agreed upon with your supervisor.
  2. Dress appropriately. Remember you are representing all Menlo College students.
  3. Take notes and maintain any confidentiality.
  4. Take initiative and ask for feedback throughout the internship. Handle any feedback with grace.
  5. Network with other interns and employees.

FIFTH…Wrap-up & Employer Evaluation

  1. Provide your Employer with the Employer Evaluation Form. This form may be completed online via Survey Monkey or on hard copy.
  2. Evaluation must be received by faculty by the last day of instruction for the semester even if you have not completed your work hours or are returning to the same internship next semester.


Please contact:
Dale Hockstra, Dean of Business and Academic Affairs
Located in Office of Academic Affairs, Brawner Hall
Make appointments through Cindy McGrew ( or 543-3800)