Careers: Moving Beyond the Classroom

Your success after graduation is as important to us as your success while you’re on campus. That’s why we take your education beyond four walls and a whiteboard, emphasizing Silicon Valley work experience and lifelong career development skills.

Real World Experience

At Menlo, real-world work experience is a critical part of your education. Our business school majors complete a 6-credit-hour internship – twice what you’ll get at most other colleges and universities.

That means Menlo graduates have a distinct advantage, with practical experience and information that’s often from a Silicon Valley business. On the job, you’ll take classroom theory into practice and get an inside look at the skills and knowledge you’ll need to excel after graduation. These experiences in turn give focus to your classroom work and projects.

High-value internships can do more than pad your resume — they often lead directly to a job after graduation. Experience. There is no substitute.

Career Education

From your freshman year through graduation and beyond, Menlo’s Career Services Office gives you the information to guide you along the path to your career.

First we help you ask the hard questions: What’s the right major for me? What do I need to land an internship? How can I get a job after graduation? What’s the right graduate program? Then we help you build your skills and find the resources to launch your career.

But we do more than just offer resources. Although it’s important to know how to get your first job after graduation, it’s just as crucial to know how to get your fifth, tenth or fifteenth. Our combination of counseling and coaching helps you develop career management skills that will serve you for years to come.

For more information and a comprehensive list of career resources, visit the Career Services Office web page. Or better yet, come see us in person at the Career Center in the Administration Building. We’re here to help.