The Menlo College Center for Financial Literacy

Founder and Director

Donna L. Little, Associate Professor of Accounting and Finance, Menlo College
The Center provides learning opportunities to enable college students to make sound economic decisions, which will serve as fundamental skills for the rest of their lives. As a strong presence in the Silicon Valley with national recognition, we offer leadership and innovation in personal financial education at the college level.  We serve Menlo College and the greater community with classes, materials, workshops, conferences, and research.

Recent Events

January 18, 2013 - National conference on Financial Literacy and College Persistence.  Keynote speakers:  Vincent Tinto, Lewis Mandell, Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann, Valerie Coleman Morris, and Joyce Serido.

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Menlo offers nine sections of Personal Finance for College, taught by full-time, senior faculty in Accounting and Finance. This will be an ongoing part of the first year courses taken by freshmen.

iGrad publishes:  Financial Literacy Compendium:  A Guide to the Best College Financial Literacy Programs, naming and describing Menlo among their top 24 colleges.

Freshman Orientation for International students includes practical presentations by the faculty, administrators, and Citi executives on money management.

Menlo College faculty and staff present “Paying for College” to students on the Woodside High School Campus.
In cooperation with the Citi-at-Work, the center launches personal financial education for Menlo faculty and staff.  The launch is attended by Menlo faculty and staff and Citi executives.

Citi Community Development provides the third consecutive annual grant to support a national conference on the issue of Financial Literacy and College Persistence on the Menlo campus on January 18, 2013.  The conference includes keynote speakers Vincent Tinto, Lewis Mandell, Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann, Valerie Coleman Morris, Joyce Serido. Over 50 universities and non-profits are represented among the participants.

Burr Pilger and Mayer Accountants and Consultants, Palo Alto, CA, provide a grant to support ten scholarships for non-profit administrators to attend the Financial Literacy and College Persistence conference.


School of Business Administration (SBA) Day includes a presentation on Financial Literacy at Menlo College, attended by students, alumni, faculty and staff, community leaders and Citi executives. The event is sponsored by the Menlo College Accounting Advisory Board. 

The first two cohorts of underserved students from a local high school (Woodside High School, Redwood City) attend the pilot courses in Personal Finance for College on the Menlo campus.  Menlo faculty and staff and Citi executives lead discussions and a bank field trip. 

The first four cohorts of Menlo College freshman complete the pilot one-unit elective Personal Finance for College course. 
Etta Zhang, The Mid-Peninsula Community Media Center and Menlo students produces a video on Personal Finance at Menlo College

Citi Community Development provides a second grant to expand the LIFT pilot.   The grant is awarded at the opening of the Woodside Road Citibank Branch in Redwood City.

A personal finance workshop is given to students in the I Have a Dream Foundation a college access and success program in San Francisco.

Community groups meet at Menlo College to discuss opportunities to discuss opportunities to partner targeted outreach to the broader northern California region on behalf of financial literacy.

Menlo students and high school students who successfully completed the pilot classes are hired and trained as facilitators.

The second two cohorts of students from Woodside High School attend Personal Finance for College classes on the Menlo campus, this time with teaching assistance from student facilitators.  Menlo faculty and staff, and Citi executives lead discussions and a bank field trip. 

Research begins on the potential connection between personal financial education for college students’ decision-making and college persistence.
A major curriculum change is approved by the faculty, requiring all incoming freshmen at Menlo College to take a one-unit 14 week Personal Finance for College class. 

Freshman Orientation welcome dinner for students and parents includes presentations by the Chairman of the board of Trustees, faculty, administrators, alumni, and Citi executives on the importance of personal finance education at Menlo College.


The center celebrates the first grant from Citi Community Development and the launch of LIFT (Learn and Invest for Tomorrow), attended by students, alumni, faculty and staff, community leaders and Citi executives. Speakers describe the goals of the program and Citi Community Foundation presents the first grant check to Menlo College.