Faculty Experts in Organizational Behavior

Pauline Fatien, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
pauline.fatien@menlo.edu | 650.543.3843

Leadership Development | Executive Coaching | Critical Management
Dr. Fatien Diochon’s research concentrates on leadership development, with a focus on executive coaching, power, and critical management education. She founded an executive coaching program in University of Lyon Management School, France, and she is an active member of the Academy of Management. She was recently on the board of the Critical Management Studies Division; she is also member of and chair of the research committee of the Graduate School Alliance of Executive Coaching.

Kathi Lovelace, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Management
kathi.lovelace@menlo.edu | 650.543.3848

Stress and Wellness | Management Skills Development | Leadership Development
Dr. Lovelace’s expertise encompasses stress and wellness within the workplace and management skills development. Her research within these domains includes leadership development (and coaching) efforts aimed at managing high demands and increasing long term control, including physical fitness, optimism and experiences of flow. Current research extends this individual focus to the organizational level by proposing workplace spirituality as an organizational factor that can facilitate improved performance and well-being. She recently served as a special issue editor for the Journal of Management Education on the topic of Stress, Performance and Wellness and has experience developing curriculum on stress and health in the workplace and management skills.

Dr. Lovelace is a veteran teacher and has extensively researched interdisciplinary and skill-based pedagogy. In the classroom, Dr. Lovelace uses on-line simulations in team leadership, change management, human resource strategy, and staffing of human resources. Her current research in this area is examining the effectiveness of simulation-based training on student’s use of evidence-based management. She also serves on the editorial board of the Academy of Management Learning and Education journal. Dr. Lovelace earned a Ph.D. in Organization Studies with a minor in Social Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Isenberg School of Management, in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Leslie E. Sekerka, Ph.D.
Professor of Organizational Behavior
Director, Ethics in Action Research & Education Center
lsekerka@menlo.edu | 650.543.3701

Ethics | Ethical Awareness | Moral Decision-Making | Adult Moral Development
Dr. Sekerka’s field of expertise addresses ethical awareness, moral decision-making and the influence of self-regulation, and how to establish workplace environments where ethical strength is both developed and supported. In her Ethics in Action executive speaker series, she underscores the essential nature of ethics in managers' every day business decisions. Sekerka states, “I help students understand that unethical actions can cost millions of dollars." She adds that "Short-term gains may put you ahead today, but the reputational costs and consequences over time will be deleterious to your character, and the strength of the company will ultimately erode."