Faculty Experts in Markets and Investing

Jan Jindra, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Finance

Global Capital Markets, Asia and Europe

Having taught internationally, Dr. Jindra’s research interests include global capital markets with an emphasis on Asia and Europe. The Financial Management Association International (FMA) conferred its "Best Paper in Financial Institutions and Markets" on his recent research, "Crises, Liquidity Shocks and Fire Sales at Financial Institutions,” which he co-authored with professors Jean Helwege of University of South Carolina and Nicole Boyson of Northeastern University. "The paper's findings may be perceived to be controversial because they indicate that providing liquidity alone does not prevent financial crises," said Jindra. "Our analysis of commercial banks, investment banks, and hedge funds shows that their behavior during crises is not driven by lack of liquidity but, rather, reflects the importance of credit risk and concerns about growth of the economy." Dr. Jindra received a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Florida and his doctorate in Finance from Ohio State University

Ran Lu-Andrews, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
ran.lu-andrews@menlo.edu | 650.543.4097

Corporate Liquidity | Stock Liquidity | Real Estate Investment
Dr. Lu-Andrews research interests include corporate liquidity and stock liquidity, real estate investment trusts, and real estate portfolios and business cycles. She received her baccalaureate degree in Financial Engineering from Renmin University of China and her doctorate in Finance from the University of Cincinnati.