Faculty Experts in Ethics and Corporate Responsibility

Leslie E. Sekerka, Ph.D.
Professor of Organizational Behavior
Director, Ethics in Action Research & Education Center
lsekerka@menlo.edu | 650.543.3701

Ethics | Ethical Awareness | Moral Decision-Making | Adult Moral Development
Dr. Sekerka’s field of expertise addresses ethical awareness, moral decision-making and the influence of self-regulation, and how to establish workplace environments where ethical strength is both developed and supported. In her Ethics in Action executive speaker series, she underscores the essential nature of ethics in managers' every day business decisions. Sekerka states, “I help students understand that unethical actions can cost millions of dollars." She adds that "Short-term gains may put you ahead today, but the reputational costs and consequences over time will be deleterious to your character, and the strength of the company will ultimately erode."