Whether you’re looking for an internship while you are in college, or you’re looking for a job after you graduate, there is not a more strategically well-positioned location for you than Silicon Valley. There is more hiring in Silicon Valley than any other place in the country. Social media, cloud computing and mobile devices are helping to make Silicon Valley the hottest job market in the nation.

Silicon Valley

The Global Center for Innovation

  • Intern with a Silicon Valley company while attending Menlo College. Hiring managers look for experience, get the experience while you get your Bachelors degree at Menlo College.
  • Have an outstanding idea in a class project, why not try to launch it in the real world? Silicon Valley is the place to innovate, get advice, and investors to your start-up.
  • You are in the right spot to get a job at some of the greatest companies in the world (Apple, Facebook, Google, eBay), or be a part of a start-up company that might just be the next big thing.
  • Menlo College is truly in the heart of Silicon Valley and don’t be surprised if you bump into Mark Zuckerberg (CEO, Facebook) at a local coffee shop or other great innovators. Build your network here in Silicon Valley, it might just be that one contact that can help you get your dream job.