Message from the President

Let me share a couple of quick stories that speak to the success of our alumni, the promise of our current students, and the quality of a Menlo College experience.

James J. Kelly, President

At the end of last year, I was on a plane seated next to a distinguished gentlewoman.  She told me that she was going to an event in southern California to honor the memory of her father.  She asked about my profession, and I told her that I was the President of Menlo College.  She said that her daughter had attended Menlo and that the daughter's time at the College was the best of her academic experience. As we deplaned, my seatmate noticed a man with his young son.  She asked the gentleman if he was, by chance, taking his child to Disneyland and he said yes.  I mentioned to the gentleman that he was speaking to the last surviving child of Walt Disney.  I also mentioned that her daughter had attended Menlo and that I was the college's president.  He volunteered that his sister had also attended Menlo, and that it was the highlight of her academic career.

Recently I was in Brazil on a recruiting and alumni get-together trip. I ran into an alum who oversees a very large restaurant chain and another who is the third largest developer of shopping malls in the country. When I visited high schools there, I was fascinated to find that the counselors knew which of their own alumni went to Menlo College and the important roles these individuals play in the country.

It's exciting for me to see and hear from students going to and from Saudi Arabia, Japan, France, China, Brazil, Singapore, among other countries, and U.S. destinations in and out of California and across the ocean to Hawaii.  Speaking with alumni, I hear about past and possible joint ventures between classmates who met at the college, relationships that continue to this day. Graduates express gratitude for learning a language, being protected, and being in a business school with superior teachers and mentors.

Our Internship program, Freshman Year Experience, conference-winning sports teams, Academic Success Center,  and outstanding business curriculum help our students develop team-building skills, networking, educational mastery, leadership skills, and marketplace competitiveness.

Every student has a story; we hope you'll make a Menlo College education part of yours. 


James J. Kelly, President