Richard A. Moran, Ph.D. President, Menlo College

Richard A. Moran, President, Menlo College

Welcome to Menlo College.

This is my first semester as the President of Menlo College. I have been a CEO, a Venture Capitalist, an Entrepreneur and a bestselling author, among other things.

So why did I want to add college president to my resume? It was all about the Menlo community and the impact the College is having on lives. I felt that I could become a part of a special family, and I was honored to accept the reigns as its chief champion. It is a special privilege to be on a campus where scholars develop into future leaders, learning to think critically, strategize, innovate, communicate, connect, change and lead.

Menlo is entering into an exciting chapter in its history. Our academic success was most recently recognized by AACSB accreditation, a seal of approval only offered to 5% of business schools worldwide. I’m excited about working with the faculty in their efforts to stay at the forefront of education with first- rate scholarship, and the highest academic standards. Our highly successful internship program is successfully producing jobs for students even before they receive their diplomas.

We celebrate each one of our current students as we reflect on their unique college experience, and look toward to their future success. I also want to give a warm welcome to our talented athletes -- I look forward to the upcoming season!

Take note of the following bullets when you visit our beautiful campus, and I think you will understand why I so quickly said “yes” to Menlo College:

Menlo College Takeaways (in my Business Bullet Books style)

  • A dedication to undergraduate education
  • Great stats
    • 90% of our most recent graduating class surveyed are already gainfully employed
    • Our most recent retention rate was a sky high 92%
    • We provide scholarships or other financial assistance to over 90% of our students to make their education at Menlo affordable
    • Distinguished faculty who care about students
    • Twelve fields of study that matter
    • Personalized experience in and out of the classroom
    • Challenging but compassionate environment
    • A safe campus within easy access to world-class San Francisco
    • Perfectly positioned for internships in the center of the technology world
    • A best-of-class athletics program
    • A diverse and engaged student body
    • A diploma of extraordinary global value

These bullets comprise the drivers that make for a singular return on investment at Menlo College. Discover how Menlo College can make your educational experience the experience of a lifetime.

Best wishes,

Richard A. Moran, Ph.D.
President, Menlo College

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