At Menlo, safety and security of students is our top priority. We’re pleased that since 2009 we’ve had no assaults, burglaries, robberies, motor vehicle thefts, homicides, hate crimes or arsons on campus. But we don’t take anything for granted.

A Close Community

Menlo’s small size gives us an edge in safety. On a campus where most students and faculty know each other by name, we have a heightened ability to look out for one another. This is significant because on any campus, safety is a shared responsibility, involving trained security officers, local police and emergency agencies, and all members of the campus community.

What We Do To Keep You Safe

We are very proactive about campus safety. Through the Campus Watch Program, we educate students and staff on how to stay safe as well as how to identify and report possible security threats. Throughout the year, we regularly hold educational programs to promote awareness of sexual assault issues.

We employ a fully qualified campus security force. Our campus security officers maintain Electronic Watch Tour patrols 24/7. Parking lots are lighted and patrolled by a security officer. Officers are available to escort students on campus at night.

We feel you can never be too prepared, so we are continuously engaged in planning and preparedness for emergency response and recovery. We educate students on what to do in case of earthquake, fire, medical emergency or a shooter on campus. We have a system in place to distribute timely warnings when any kind of threat is thought to exist. For more information, review our Emergency Guide and Evacuation Map.

To coordinate our security efforts locally, the Menlo Office of Security maintains a close professional relationship with the Atherton Police Department, the Atherton Civic League, the Menlo Park Fire Department, and the San Mateo County Department of Emergency Services.

More Information

You may review our most recent Annual Crime Report. For further information, contact the Office of Security online or call 650.400.8537.